You can stop the repeating arguments, communicate your needs to deal with resentment, and improve your intimacy...

… even if you don’t know where to begin, struggle to find time for your relationship, and even doubt that anything could change.

I know your relationship is important to you...

But life is busy and there are so many demands.

You feel overwhelmed and struggle to connect with your partner.

You aren’t getting the help that you need from your partner.

You stopped having sex or you feel there is no intimacy between you two.

You feel responsible for all the things and your needs aren’t being met.

Relationships are hard, and they take work. Nobody teaches us how to communicate and connect. And now, after being together for some time, your relationship feels different and you keep having the same problems.

What you need to know


A healthy relationship means that you are LESS LIKELY to experience serious mental health difficulties.


We can solve everyday stresses more seamlessly when we feel SECURE and CONNECTED with our partner.


Our CHILDREN are learning about what it means to be in a relationship by watching us.


A healthy relationship is not about never fighting, but instead about learning how to REPAIR and move forward together


Learning to be powerful listeners and communicators allows us to be a UNITED FRONT. As a strong team, you can face any challenge.


A cornerstone to an intimate relationship is TRUST. Trust is key for your sex life


We rarely learn how to effectively LISTEN or COMMUNICATE in a way that helps us get our wants and needs met.


Relationship patterns can CHANGE even when just one person starts to change.

"I recently noticed we have been enjoying each other’s company more lately and we’ve learned how to better navigate around each other’s emotions. There’s still some work to do, but I feel like we’re better prepared and doing well. I can’t speak highly enough of Be Connected, and Dr. Tracy Dalgleish. There’s so much valuable information and it is so thoughtfully designed and delivered. It gives me an opportunity to carve out some time in my schedule to work on myself and my relationship. I always look forward to the lessons and I feel like it’s really helping me strengthen my relationship with my partner!"

- Kristen L., Be Connected Member

The Good news

You CAN start making the changes in your relationship. You CAN go on the path to reconnection, even if it feels one sided. You CAN calm the overwhelm and start PRIORITIZING your relationship with practical tools that will help you CHANGE your relationship – and change how you FEEL about yourself.

You can find an approach that is COST EFFECTIVE, compared to traditional therapy, for less than $1 per day. 

You can start making CHANGES and you can INVEST in your relationship.

I Get it.

You’re struggling.

You’ve read the blog posts and books. You’ve talked to your friends. You’ve tried different things and no matter what you can’t seem to get on the same page as your partner. You’ve even tried therapy but the timing just didn’t work out. Or, your partner didn’t want to go to therapy, so you stopped going. 

You need help now so you can avoid relationship distress, disconnection, more communication disasters, and worse, the breakdown of your partnership. 

I Get it.

Don't wait until you want to separate to get help

By working with me, you will be provided with the tools from therapy and research to change your relationship so that you can:

  • Bring up hard topics and know that you will work through them together
  • Solve problems and compromise as a team
  • Share your vulnerabilities and also set boundaries in hard moments
  • Nurture your intimacy and build a satisfying and lasting connection
  • And build trust and security to have a happy, healthy relationship and connect with your partner in a meaningful way
Hi there,

I'm Dr. Tracy Dalgleish

Clinical Psychologist and Couples Therapist

I know relationships are hard.
It’s not about never struggling in a relationship. It’s about what we do when we start to struggle. Without learning how to communicate and repair in our relationship, we continue to repeat the same mistakes, over and over again.

I have been working with individuals and couples for over 15 years, spending (literally) years researching, writing, and speaking about relationships. I have spent hours in the therapy room sitting in front of women and couples just like you. I help my clients shift from despair and distress to connected and happy. With training from some of the world renowned couples therapists, I guide my clients into making meaningful changes every single day.

And now I’m bringing to you what I do every single day with women and couples. Imagine a relationship expert showing up in your space walking you through the challenges we all face and helping you master your relationship, alongside a collective of women who want to master their relationship.

Your Relationship Matters​

To You. Your Partner. Your Family

The Challenge You Face?

You are spread so thin, but you want to feel connected with your partner. You want to be able to communicate with ease. You long for closeness and intimacy. 

But you don’t know where to start.

What if you knew that given the limited time you had, you could have the ability and the skills to elevate your relationship?

Your time constraints may not change. With the relevant and specific guidance, you can nurture your relationship.

It takes hard work.

It’s a process.

And it doesn’t happen overnight.

But with your willingness, you can show up as your true self and have the relationship you want.

What's getting in the way of showing up as your true self and having the relationship you want?

‘I don’t have the time’

I get it. This time in your life is busy. 

There will never be a best time to make changes in yourself or your relationship. 

The best time to start? 

Is now. 

Here is what you need to know. You don’t have to clear your schedule to make changes. You can change what happens within yourself and your relationship in small bite size pieces. It is in the small, daily changes that add up over time. 

So instead of trying to think of the big retreat, or the hours in therapy, think about the small moments you have every day.

‘It’s too much money…’

I hear you! 

And I also know that therapy is expensive! It is why there needs to be other options for women to access the key tools to help strengthen their relationship. We know the rates of divorce continue to remain around 50%! In order to ensure that we are not tailspinning into distress, we need to get help.. and to start early.

Now let me ask you this. Imagine what it would be like where you are prioritizing you and your relationship?

What price would you put on a happy relationship? Being able to communicate effectively? And feeling close and connected? 

‘Change feels one-sided. My partner isn't interested...’

It is a common experience that women show up in my office telling me that their partner didn’t want to come for couples therapy, or they feel like they are the only one changing. This is hard!

I have good news. We know that when one person changes in a relationship, their partner will also begin to change.

This means that you don’t have to wait until the other person is ready. Take charge of you and your wellness – and I know that you can change the dynamic in your relationship.

Now imagine a space where you were growing and changing. Now that’s exciting. 

If you are tired of having the same disagreement, and feeling stuck in your relationship, you are likely doing the same thing that isn't working.

It makes sense that you do this.

Nobody teaches us how to have a healthy relationship.

With the right tools that come from therapy and research, I will help you have the relationship that you want. I will teach you how to address what is really happening in your relationship, which is required in order for you to make the sustainable change that you long for.

What People Are Saying About

Be Connected



My exclusive membership space helps you go from disconnected and overwhelmed in your relationship to being able to share your feelings and needs, solve everyday problems by effectively communicating with your partner, and improve your intimacy.

What you will learn...

You’ll receive every step and tool needed to overcome disconnection and resentment, and elevate your relationship – even if you feel like you don’t know where to start. In this membership, you will learn

Powerful tools that come from research and therapy that are shown to work to improve your communication and connection. 

How to ask for what you need and how to respond to your partner

How to set boundaries with your partner (and with those you love in your life)

Coping strategies to deal with really hard moments in your relationship

Ways to improve your intimacy and sexual connection

Strategies to let go of resentment and feel closer in your relationship

... and so much more.

Be Connected takes away the time constraints you may feel to get to therapy, gives you bite-size pieces to take away the overwhelm, and is as affordable as one meal out a month

How I'll get you there

Monthly Lessons

Learn relationship tips, communication skills, and address common difficulties that women have with themselves and their relationship in live sessions with me, relationship expert and couples therapist. Each month I break down key topics for us to discuss and give you tools to help you put into place in your relationship. 

Here are just a few of the topics we will be discussing:

Learn the steps in your relationship cycle

Identify and work with your attachment style

Learn to communicate your emotions and needs - and stop the repeating disagreements

Change the mental load

Improve your intimacy

Learn to set boundaries


Guides and Handouts

Each month a guide or handout will be given to you to help you do a self-assessment and put the skills we are talking about in place. These guides are made to support you to make practical and real changes.

You’ll get both audio and pen and paper guides to learn the skills!


Live Q&A Sessions

We’ll dive deeper into the topics we are covering with your questions. Stuck on a particular pattern making a change? Not sure which direction to go? These sessions will be a space for you to ask these questions. This is your chance to share your concerns, and we’ll work through your stuck points.

Here is what I know. There is incredible power in common humanity – the knowing that we are not alone in our struggle. These sessions will answer the questions that I know others will be thinking about too!

Happy girls drinking tea and eating sweets, enjoying time together at home

Members-Only Community

Let’s grow together! Did you know that goals are reached faster when there is a community of people working towards a goal together? This tribe is a collective of women who are ready to elevate their relationship and create lasting love – with themselves and their partner. 

This is a space to feel connected with others. Set goals and troubleshoot in your relationship. And get exclusive support and feedback from me.

Here's the thing

This membership is NOT about adding ONE MORE THING on your to do list.
It is about BITE SIZE pieces that you can FIT into your life.
I will give you TOOLS that you will be able to put into ACTION immediately. 
I am giving you information in a way that will help you get RESULTS.

Using tools from therapy and research,

Be Connected will help you


Identify your TRIGGERS in your relationship to change your patterns


Improve your COMMUNICATION with your partner


Set BOUNDARIES in your relationship and still feel GOOD doing it


Tackle the MENTAL LOAD and change the overwhelm


Understand your ATTACHMENT style and your partner's, and shift from insecure to SECURE


RECONNECT with your partner on an intimate level and learn how to talk about and improve your desire and arousal


LET GO of unhelpful thoughts and feelings that pop up in your relationship and focus on what MATTERS in your relationship


When triggered, I shut down and sometimes cry when I really need to release. I struggle with communicating my feelings to my partner and this is really frustrating for him, understandably. We have a lot of work to do to grow out of our cycle. Luckily we have the BE CONNECTED platform to help us navigate.

Be Connected Member
Dr. Tracy D presented in an “easy-to-digest” way with helpful information. She gave a great overview, with good actionable information. I am working on increasing my communication and openness with my partner.

I want you to know that we very much benefited from your 28 days of emails. I had reached out to you for services but you had a long wait list so this is why we tried Be Connected. I follow you on Instagram and you have excellent content. Thanks for all you do.

Be Connected Member
The membership is really great! We enjoyed it more than your typical therapy appointments.

Couple who joined Be Connected together
Dr. Tracy D was great! Perfectly scientific yet understandable. Made me feel fairly normal in my/our struggles since having kids (4 and 18 months old).
A quick, easy to understand, and affordable workshop full of credible, helpful tips. I am a little more motivated to work on some things in my relationship now!
The intimacy webinar was so helpful to me as a mother of two young children and as a clinical psychologist working with couples and postpartum concerns. It provided useful research-based information as well as practical tools to improve relationships. This webinar was so validating to me as a woman still in the postpartum period. Dr. Dalgleish did a great job of normalizing common concerns and sharing ways to nurture these important areas of a relationship. I definitely plan to watch it again with my spouse and utilize the guide along the way. In addition to improving my personal relationship, this webinar has also been so beneficial within my clinical work. It has allowed me to facilitate deeper conversations with my couples about intimacy in order to improve their communication and ultimately strengthen their connection. Thank you, Dr. Dalgleish!
Megan Noren, Illinois
I’m from the “we didn’t talk about sex and I wasn’t educated about anything”. It’s actually amazing I knew what to do when it came down to the moment. I wasn’t taught anything about the act, the emotions, the connection, none of it. The guide is very eye opening and must be completed to really discover what’s working and what needs improvement. My partner and I have already made the decision that our son will learn all of the facets of life, including sex and intimacy. I am working on my personal exploration to get something going again. Realizing that I’m not alone and I can learn more about myself to discover what I need to open up more with my partner is very encouraging. I have thought I was a lost cause at times. Thank you, Dr Tracy for this incredible webinar!
N.B., Alberta

Limited time pricing

Here’s what you’re getting

Enroll today

$ 37
  • Be Connected (over a $450 monthly value)
  • Bonus #1: Daily rituals for a healthy relationship
  • Bonus #2: Weekly intention emails to keep you on track
  • Bonus #3: Get to know your emotions, a 26-page bonus guide
$ 399
<< Save Two Months >>
  • Be Connected (over a $450 monthly value)
  • BONUS #1: Daily rituals for a health relationship
  • Bonus #2: Weekly intention emails to keep you on track
  • Bonus #3: Get to know your emotions, a 26-page bonus guide
  • Bonus #4: 28 Days of Love Journal Prompts
  • Bonus #5: Nurturing Intimacy Webinar + 27-page Bonus guide
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What's Included

Be Connected

Over a $450 value per month (that’s the cost of two therapy sessions with me!)

Bonus #1: Mastering Your Daily Connection

My Guide to the top three things you need to do each day to keep your relationship healthy. You likely were doing these things at the beginning of your relationship but stopped when life got busy.

Bonus #2: It's Not About the Dishes: What Your Argument is Really About

A complete workbook that will help you access and explore your emotions that pop up in disagreements with your partner. Remember, it’s not (always) about the dishes.

And more. When you sign up for a year, you will get

Bonus #3: Reboot Your Connection with 28 Days of Love

I’m giving you my 28 Days of Love Journal Prompts to help you boost your connection in the first month of this membership. These will show up in your email inbox daily. Do them alone or do the exercises with your partner. At the end, you will see that you are feeling more connected with a small action step each day. 

Bonus #4: Nurturing Intimacy Webinar

This powerful webinar helps you to nurture and ignite your desire and intimacy between you and your partner.  In this webinar, I teach you the common roadblocks you face as a woman that leads to disconnection and resentment, how to shift into a space of desire that feels natural and your own, and strategies on how to improve your intimacy with your partner that you can start using right away. You will also receive my 27-page bonus guide that will help you do the exercises and explore your own sexuality.


Frequently Asked Questions

What did people ask before signing up for Be Connected

My content is meant to be delivered in bite size pieces, available to you whenever or wherever you are. This means that it is mobile friendly! Take some of those quiet moments you have to invest in your relationship while learning in the Be Connected site instead of endless scrolling on Insta or Twitter.

No! You can keep using your smartphone or computer to keep connected with us!

This membership is specifically for women. We know that about 80% of heterosexual couple dynamics is made up of the female partner as the more critical partner. This membership will address the specific challenges that women face. But I’ve got you covered – because I am helping you learn skills to improve your relationship. When you start to change, your partner will start to change too. And bonus? Your partner can absolutely do the exercises and watch the videos with you.

New or long-time partner, there is never a wrong time to learn how you can show up as your true self in your relationship and enhance your connection. In fact, I encourage all new couples to learn their patterns of connecting at the early stages of their relationship – this can help set you up for a life time of connection and happiness.

This depends largely on how much time you spend doing the exercises and putting them into place in your life and your relationship.
But here’s the thing. Change takes time. We know that on average, clients in individual therapy begin to see changes at session 8. For couples therapy, it takes on average 16 sessions of therapy to see changes.
While this is NOT therapy, I think it’s important to set realistic expectations. Change also depends on the willingness of YOU to try something different. But there’s good news – with the on-going support of our EXCLUSIVE MEMBERSHIP COMMUNITY, you will continue to get the support you need to help you make changes. 
I will be available in our exclusive membership community with LIVE question and answer sessions. If you can’t make the live sessions (because I know life is busy!), send me your questions in advance! You’ll be able to watch it at your own time. 
I will also be jumping into the community to post and answer questions in there. I am loving the community that we are building – and I want you to be a part of it! I will definitely be there! And I hope you will join this collective too.

This membership group is facilitated by me, Dr. Tracy Dalgleish, clinical psychologist and couples therapy. I have over 12 years of direct clinical experience with clients. You are getting access to and tools from a highly trained professional using evidence-based tools to deliver outcomes to improve your relationship. The information is tailored for the group, and will continue to grow with the demands of the collective. This means that you get to help shape the help that you need! Want to read more about me? Click here to review my body of work.

Fear is completely normal when it comes to doing something different. This emotion is telling you that you are about to do something important. And my advice to you is to LEAN INTO FEAR.
Notice that this fear is coming up for you. Now I want you to imagine a dear friend. What would you say to them if they said they were afraid that they wouldn’t change. Can you try saying this to yourself?

Yes! I often recommend additional resources to clients in therapy. The reason? We know that the real work comes in the reflection and day to day moments outside of therapy. Use Be Connected to help you solidify what you are talking about in therapy. A bonus? Bring up some of these areas of insight and growth with your therapist!

You have access to the material as long as you are a member of the group. All materials are downloadable, so that means that you will be able to save the material for a lifetime.

You can cancel your membership at anytime. Please click here to do so. We are sorry to see you go – but I understand. Come back when you are ready to invest in you!

Limited time pricing

Here’s what you’re getting

Enroll today

$ 30
  • Be Connected (over a $450 monthly value)
  • Bonus #1: Daily rituals for a healthy relationship
  • Bonus #2: Weekly intention emails to keep you on track
  • Bonus #3: Get to know your emotions, a 26-page bonus guide
$ 300
<< Save Two Months >>
  • Be Connected (over a $450 monthly value)
  • BONUS #1: Daily rituals for a health relationship
  • Bonus #2: Weekly intention emails to keep you on track
  • Bonus #3: Get to know your emotions, a 26-page bonus guide
  • Bonus #4: 28 Days of Love Journal Prompts
  • Bonus #5: Nurturing Intimacy Webinar + 27-page Bonus guide
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